The Charity Gurus

Our mission is to help you stay focused on yours.

Whether you are a major donor, sponsor, board member, staff, or volunteer, chances are you became involved with a non-profit organization because you wanted to support the mission of the organization.

Over the past five years of working with a handful of local organizations, we found that our abilities to help streamline things became the most valuable asset. We saw organizations working on technology, marketing, and logistics without expertise in these areas, often perpetuating inefficient processes. 

We created The Charity Gurus to help organizations put best practices in place that can survive the ebbs and flows of volunteers, donors, staff, and leadership that are all a part of the lifecycle of organizations.


The Giving Stream

The Giving Stream

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The Process


The first step in the relationship starts by understanding the needs of the organization. What works. What doesn’t. This initial assesement helps identify the areas where we can be most effective first.


You can’t afford to make the wrong decisions. We help build the strategies around your technology, marketing, and operations. Working together we put together a plan of action.


Then we get to work and put plan to action. We assemble a set of solutions that we customize to meet the needs of the organization.


Agility allows for smaller incremental change to respond.

The Solutions


We work with best in class service providers to provide easy-to-use tools without the overhead of IT consultants.


We implemenet a robust content strategy that includes web, social, email and text campaigns.


One of the most complex facets of our work helps streamline funding and fundraising options and managing donor relationships.

Events & Fundraisers

With years of experience in event planning, we help streamline events and fundsraisers.

The Outcome


Your website becomes a much more integral part of your organization. To the public, it serves a marketing function that presents your organization to the world. To your staff and volunteers, it becomes a living portal into your operations.

Donor Management

We centralize your donor management. Business development teams can prospect dormant donors, donors can view past donations, leadership can get an overview of incoming revenue plus notifications of new donors so they can send our a thank you.

New Income Streams

Expand your sponsor benefits by creating new sponsorship opportunties on your website with year round advertisng and promotions.

Empower Your Staff and Volunteers

Our solutions redeuce the technology friction, enabling any staff member or volunteer to help manage web and social content. Our layereed permissions ensure that only authorized individuals can make content public.